Photo Challenges for February 2014

February 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

OK, well I hope you are all enjoying this weather - even though we had Weather as the theme for January, I think we need to have water for the theme in February and so what you need to think about is you shutter speed and whether you want to freeze the water so that it looks like droplets,

or whether you are going for a longer shutter speed to capture the flow of the motion of the water -

If you are going to opt for capturing the motion of the water, you will need:

Tripod - or bean bag - or something to rest your camera on so that the only motion in the shot is the water and everything else is crisp - before you start to think - i don't have a tripod or a beanbag etc..... you can easily make your own - beanbag that is not tripod ;-)

A simple bean bag can be made using a couple of empty plastic carry bags from any supermarket and filled with sand or chick peas or lentils and the like - something that you can safely rest your camera into without it being able to move anywhere - so the size of your homemade sandbag will also depend on the size and weight of your camera.

A shutter release cable is also helpful as it saves you even touching the actual shutter button, but if you haven't got one don't worry - although you can get them on ebay for most makes of camera for just £3. A shutter release cable is also useful for shooting star trails which we will discuss in March.

Of course you don't have to photograph water in the form or lakes, rivers, sea or streams, you can think about water being poured into a glass or if you have a clear glass bowl, why not try and capture the moment that you drop some coloured ink or a piece of fruit into the clear water - the splash as the fruit - or object of you choice - enters the water - the moment that the ink starts to spread forming its' myriad of patterns. I will put some images up next week to show examples and explain how these type of images are captured if you are not sure where to start.

To learn how to do any of the above properly and more you can have one to one training - a half day to get you using your camera in more creative ways is just £100. Training sessions can take place at my studio or out and about depending on what you want to achieve. A full day is £195.

If you have any questions about the training days please just get in touch by email or phone, or call me on: 07885472010




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