Exposure Modes Explained

March 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Choosing the Correct Exposure Mode

Today we are going to discuss exposure modes, as i get asked about this from time to time.

To a certain degree exposure depends on what your camera has to offer, most DSLR's though have the same options:

Fully Auto,

Program AE,

TV - Shutter priority,

AV - Aperture Value

M - Manual

Then there are the basic modes which are symbolised by small pictures.

If we start with Fully Auto - The Green Square option - this sets everything for you, giving you no creative flexibility at all it restricts all options. You can compare this option to a point and shoot style of photography.

Next on the list is P which stands for Program AE- in this mode the shutter speed and the aperture are set for you automatically, but by turning the main dial on the camera you can easily alter these.

TV - Shutter Priority - When you select TV you set the shutter speed on the camera that you want to use, and the camera sorts out all of the settings for you.

AV - Aperture Priority - This is often considered one of the most useful settings on the camera, you set the Aperture that you require and the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed for you.

M - Manual mode - Manual is what it says, fully manual, you can select the aperture and shutter speed, but your camera will show you what it thinks of the choice of settings you have selected.


I have also been asked about camera shake  - if you are struggling with camera shake and you are using the IS setting already on your lens then have a look at the shutter speed you are using as we all hate to admit it, but as we get older it is harder to get a shot as steady as we could maybe 20 years ago and so if you need that slow shutter speed because of a low light situation and using the IS function on your lens still isn't enough - then use a tripod.

More camera hints and tips tomorrow and remember if you have any questions please just get in touch.

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