Choosing your Metering mode

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Your camera has Matrix/Evaluative, Centre Weighted and Spot metering modes.

Which mode to pick?

Matrix/Evaluative metering - this measures light across the whole scene that your camera is looking at - so makes it ideal for photographing Landscapes.

Centre-weighted Metering - This reads the light in the centre of the frame, which is useful if you are shooting subjects  - so if you have a group of people in and around the middle of the shot.

Spot Metering - This will read the light for the focus point - so remember if you select a particular focus point the camera uses this point when spot metering your shot.


Remember - Matrix/Evaluative Metering is great for landscapes.

The main thing to remember with your photography is that practice is the key, if you want to see how the different metering modes work, take a  photo of the same scene on all 3 different metering settings and compare them on your computer and you will see the difference.

If you're out and about and you're not sure if your image is exposed correctly also remember to use your histogram, sometimes it can be difficult to see the image on your LCD if you are in the sunshine - histograms can be easier to read in these conditions.

I will blog more about histograms tomorrow.

An easy project to have a go at while the kids are at home off school during half term is the wildlife in your own back garden. i have half a dozen feeders and being just a few feet from my kitchen window means I can get some great shots of all of the different birds that come to my garden. why not dust off your camera and see what wildlife you have in your own garden this week.

Happy photographing.

pelican in flightpelican in flightpelican in flight


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