Top Photography Tips to help get you started

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Before you go out and start shooting there are things that you need to always do:

Make sure your batteries are all charged are ready to go.

Camera cards are empty, formatted and ready for the photography session that is ahead of you.

Remember to always check your camera settings, what you were photographing yesterday, and how your camera settings were left may be vastly different to what you are planning on shooting today, so always check your camera settings before you start to shoot something new.

Also make sure that your camera lens is clean, it's the simple things make a huge difference, ensure you always carry a lens cloth with you, you never know when a spot of rain or something may just drop on to your lens or camera.

When you set up to take a landscape - make sure that your horizon is straight.

Sometimes it can be the textures and patterns that you come across that make the beautiful and interesting images.

When you set up for your first photo, think about the angle you are taking it at, - if you take a few steps to the left or right, backwards or forwards will it improve your shot - don't get lazy and just point and shoot - think about what you are looking at - what is it that you are trying to capture and show your friends and family - if there's an empty can of pop - or other piece of litter ruining your image move it - or move yourself, stand somewhere slightly different if the item ruining your image can't be moved.

Whilst photo shop can be used to remove such annoying things when you return, getting it right in camera initially makes life a lot easier.

Whatever you are planning and going out to photograph, make sure you take your phone and let somebody know where you are going and when you think you might be back.

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