Summer Photography Hints and Tips

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Things to remember when you're away on holiday or out for the day with your camera this summer.

Remember that using a polarizer filter will eliminate water reflections and improve colour contrast of sky and clouds.

Use the lens hood that came with your lens - they give them you for a reason ;-) they help prevent lens flare.

If you're walking through woods or forests the light will be more diffused and so if taking photos of people in this situation, the overhead canopy of leaves will be reducing the amount of light you have and so you will want to over expose your images by a stop or a stop and a half, and maybe use some fill in flash for peoples faces if the overhead canopy is quite dense.

If you're going away camping and want to photograph the campfire and get natural ambient non flash photos - then use a wide angle lens I have a Canon 17-40mm wide-angle lens, but anything similar will do or a 50mm standard lens would also be fine. Make sure you use a sturdy tripod if you have one, as this will prevent camera shake. If you don't have a tripod, use your bag or another steady surface to support the camera for the photo. A bag with sand or soil in it can do as a make shift beanbag to steady your camera with too.

The open the aperture wide, around f/2 – f/8 to allow enough light in. If you're not comfortable shooting manually, then you can always choose aperture priority (AV) as this is a great way to take this kind of shot as this lets the camera choose its own shutter speed.

Also it's a good idea to use your camera’s self-timer or a shutter release cable to take the photo with absolutely no blurring.

Don’t use flash because it will ruin the natural glow of the fire and any stars/moon that are in the sky.

Don't forget to share your results.

For those of you that are wanting to capture landscapes, remember that if you are photographing on a bright sunny day - like the ones we are getting up and down the UK at the moment, use a wide angled lens for your landscape photo and to achieve a sharp image shoot at f16, remembering that if it is a bright sunny day you may need to underexpose your photo by up to 2 sops to ensure that you retain all of the details in the highlights and shadow areas.

I hope these tips help and I look forward to seeing some for your results.

I have added a few more dates to my training courses if anybody would like to sign up to any of them please just get in touch.

Also remember a hat and suncream ;-)

Happy Photographing, more soon.



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