If you go down to the woods Today

September 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well maybe not today as here it's having a bit of a drizzle, but if you make the effort to go out to your local woods or forest you will find some fabulous photographic opportunities. It's not just about sweeping landscapes, but the devil can be in the detail too, fallen pine cones can fill a frame beautifully.


This is genuinely how I found them, I like the bits of grass poking through it adds a tiny splash of green and almost a slight memory of summer - as Autumn is now upon us. Remember when you go to the forest, you can get some great light falling through the trees, so you may want to use longer shutter speeds and so take your tripod with you. Also remember the wet weather gear just in case you do get caught in a shower. - Plus lens cloth, charged batteries and mobile phone - letting somebody know where you are going before you go off too. Sorry can't help myself - safety first.

So when you're out and about, remember to look up as well as down as you can get some stunning shards of light dropping through tree branches and lovely fairytale-esque pathways appearing through trees. Plus you never know what sculptures you may come across too, so keep your eyes peeled.

You may of course also find some local wildlife if you're lucky enough and quiet enough too, so if you have a long lens you may want to put that in the camera bag too.

If you go out early or late in the day you may be fortunate enough to catch the good light - if there's no cloud and get some dramatic long shadows, these with trees in black and white can add drama and atmosphere to an image like nothing else. So before you grab your kit and head out, think about what the weather is doing and what time you are going to go, late afternoon the light can be soft and beautiful, where as a lovely sunrise through the trees is an amazing way of welcoming the day in, whilst getting some wonderful photographs.

So, tripods, long lenses, warm clothing, phone, charged batteries and a lens cloth to go with plenty of memory cards and maybe a flask of something warm and have a fabulous day out. I look forward to seeing some of your images.

I have added some more dates to the workshops if anybody is interested in joining me on a half day session to learn how to get more from their camera please just get in touch.




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