Photography Tips

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Here are some handy tips to take on board before you go out with your camera.

So we will mention the usual, ensure your batteries are charged, clean your lenses, ensure you have plenty of memory cards and extra batteries if the weather is cold as we all know batteries do not last as long in the cold.


Think about what you are going out to photograph, whilst taking all of your gear with you - just in case can be handy - sometimes carrying every single bit of kit you have can be a burden, so think about whether you really need to take everything that you own with you.

Take a look at you sensor, if you are not happy to clean your sensor yourself, take it in to your local photography shop and have it done professionally. Don't go out with a dirty sensor though.

So you've cleaned your sensor, your lenses are dust free and so are any filters that you may use, don't forget to put the lens cloth in your bag and take it with you - just in case. Make sure that if it's cold you dress in layers, so you can remove a layer if you get warm walking through woods etc, or likewise add an extra layer should the temperature drop further.

As far as your hands go, i tend to wear a thin pair of gloves with a larger pair over the top - the larger pair can be removed when taking photos, but the thin pair ensure that my fingers remain reasonably warm.

Once you are out in the field and you start taking your photos, other things to think about include - if you have a zoom lens on - do you need to use the zoom lens or are you able to walk closer to the object you are photographing ?

Think about the composition and what you can see in the frame. If you move to the left or right will you improve the photograph ?

pelican in flightpelican in flightpelican in flight If you are shooting a landscape and you feel that it is not working as well as you had envisaged, try turning you camera the other way - from horizontal to vertical or vice versa, it may be that it just works the other way better with the way the objects in the image are positioned.

Don't forget, you can turn your camera the other way or move yourself to a different spot and see what works. It may be that the light isn't right though, so this can mean going away and trying something else and coming back just before the sun starts to go down to get those final golden soft rays of light on your subject.

Whatever you decide to go out and photograph this winter, remember to let somebody know where you are going and when you plan on being back, and take your charged up mobile phone with you, have fun and get some great shots - and last but not least - Never delete any images whilst you are out in the field. Have fun.


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