April Update

April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi, I hope you are all having a wonderful April and everything that it is throwing at us weather wise - I woke up to 2 inches of snow this morning - although it didn't last long - it was very pretty and now of course we have beautiful sunshine - literally 4 seasons in one day today.

I am not up and about quite as usual - I'm having a little time out - after a quick knee op - many thanks to Mr Bell, Mr Phaktar and all of the wonderful nurses that looked after me. I'm recovering well and will be running around again in no time - or so my dogs hope anyway ;-)

So - that's why there haven't been any mountain photos so far this year - I haven't been able to ski or climb those beckoning peaks - but fear not - I already have my mountain trips booked for next year - so keep looking back.

Things to try out in April. If you are looking for inspiration for your work this month - there are the 1000's of blooms bursting from the ground that you can try your hand at photographing - maybe the tadpoles in your pond or local pool in some woods can give you some opportunities - it may not be winter, but I still

I have robins in my garden everyday at home - maybe you can set up some bird feeders and try your hand at capturing the birds that come into your garden ?



If you don't get may birds coming to your garden, why not get down to your local town where there is a river, near us we have Stratford, Worcester and Bewdley with plenty of birdlife on the rivers - anywhere with a lake or a river gives you a great place to get close up to birds and also have a go at capturing birds in flight. If birds aren't your thing, then how about a trip to your local woods - whilst there are landscapes to frame  - think about the detail too - look to the bark and the forest floor and see what you find.

When you are taking your photo, think about how you are framing it - what are you including and excluding from the frame - move if you're not completely happy. Plus although you may take the photo in colour, you may be thinking that when you get back to your computer it will be magnificent in black and white instead???

This about the time of day that you are going out - make sure you dress appropriately. Late in the day as the sun is going down - you may not be able to see a great sunset from where you are, but it may give you some wonderful long shadows, which can add great drama to an image. If you're new to landscape photography, why not practice your rule of thirds.

                           Try placing your horizon in the different thirds of the frame and see the way it alters the photo.

If you have any questions about any photos that you have taken, why not send them in to me along with your problem/question and we can discuss them on here - often sharing a problem can help others learn. If you would like to book a half day or full day session with me for one to one tuition please just drop me an email I have dates available from mid May.

Have a great April.





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