Away for a little while - with the camera of course :-)

January 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Everybody,

Just a quick blog to say that I'm off to the mens downhill in Kitzbuhel, followed by a week of skiing for myself, with the camera of course..... Upon my return I will share some of the photos and also write some blogs about photographing in the snow as I know a lot of people never get it quite right and so i will share photos and settings which hopefully will help you all. I will check my email whilst I'm away, so if anybody has any specific snow scene questions please send them over and I will tackle them all upon my return. I will be back at the mac on 30th Jan to share pictures with hopefully nothing broken.

This will be the view from my balcony for the next week - I'm really looking forward to the mountain air, the skiing and being able to shake a cowbell at the downhill, but I am really going to miss my fluffy boys :-( I know they'll be in safe hands though.

I'll share photos soon. Bye for now and send your snow scene questions to me at




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