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Top Tips for Better Holiday Photos

June 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We are getting close to that time of year when people start going off to sunnier climes for a couple of weeks, so i thought I would make today's Blog all about top tips for better holiday photos and make sure that you get the best photos you can whilst you are away on holiday this year.

1. before you go, make sure you have plenty of memory cards - you don't want to be having to delete images because you have run out of space. Memory cards are available at reasonable prices from ebay, Amazon and

2. This goes for camera batteries too, remember high and cold temperatures will effect the length of time that your battery will last, so get a spare from any of the above places to ensure you don't miss the magic moments.

3. Get a lens cloth - when was the last time you cleaned your lens - wiped away the kids mucky finger prints or the dog nose print form it - having muck on your lens is never going to be good for the lovely photos.

4.Think about how you can use your new surroundings to frame your subject, windows, or doorways, branches from trees can add interest, archways or promenades that will have good lines to use in a photograph.

5.If you want to take a photo of your loved one in front of the lovely sunset,make sure your flash is turned on, then focus your camera on the persons face - then whilst keeping the same button half depressed and focused on the persons face, without moving your feet, reframe the shot so that their face is off to the side and we can see the sunset as well withing the frame of the photo, and take your photo. The camera will expose for the sunset, but by having the flash turned on it will will go off and light up the persons face - making sure that your photo is well exposed for sunset and person.

6.Quite oftenthe difference between an amazing photo and an average photo is often your focus. Ask yourself what you intend the focus of your image to be.  If you need to move - a few steps to the left or right - or get in closer, then have a move around until you are happy.

What you decide to focus on should be the most interesting thing in the photograph, even if you then frame it off to the side as we explained in the tip above. If you had done the sunset shot and the persons face wasn't in focus, it would look awful as the person, is the main point of interest within the frame, if they are not the main point of interest - then just take the sunset on its' own and move them out of the way.

Photographs that have lots of things going on can also work well too, as long as your idea behind the photo is to show how busy the environment is, like a city shot, market place etc. Where as some photos that are busy for no apparent reason, you are maybe just trying to get too much in one photo can end up distracting the person looking at the photo so that it distracts the viewer from what you were really trying to show them.

7. If you are photographing your kids or pets, think about the level you are at - if they are small, kneel down to get at the same level that they are at, this will mean you get a more intimate photograph as you will be on their eye level rather than looking at the top of their heads.

8. My last tip for today is enjoy - and remember to take the camera away from your eye so that you can sit back and enjoy the moment without just seeing the moment through the lens of your camera ;-)




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