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Things to Photograph This Summer

July 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So if you are looking for some ideas of things that you can photograph this summer. Why not have a day out and go somewhere new for the day. I went to New Quay for a day and got some great photographs of dolphins and seagulls too.

Taking time out from your normal day to day activities with your camera can force you to try new techniques. So whether you want to try photographing moving objects maybe - cars, birds, bikes, motorbikes, animals running, the principle is the same - you need to decide whether you want to freeze the object so that you see it pin sharp or whether you are going to have a slower shutter speed and see some movement.

Once you have chosen your subject you then also need to think about your framing, these images are straight out of the camera, they are not cropped at all. I shot them on my Canon 70-200mm lens - so the image above was shot at 70mm - and the one below at 200mm.

I like the framing on both, I think it's a personal choice - it's about what you want to share with the person viewing the image - with this close up I really wanted to share the seagulls face - the eye in particular. I also like the way the light shines through the edge of the feathers. Remember when you have a moving object like this to give it space in front of it  - room for it to move into as it were - looking room. If you framed this image so that the seagulls beak was at the edge of the left hand side of the frame it would look quite strange.

Also to explain the aperture of this photo was f4. this means that only a small amount is in focus - so if you look - the wing at the front and the birds head and body is in focus, whilst the far wing is slightly softer and then the background - sea and sky are just a blue blur - thus making the viewer of the image look at the seagull without any background distraction. So this is something else to think about when you are taking your photograph, if you wanted the entire background in focus you would need to have an f stop of f16 or f22 for instance.

The easiest way to remember what f stop you need is to think of it like this - the larger the number the more of the image will be in focus. so f2.8 will give you a tiny amount of your image in focus where as f 32 will give you an entire landscape in focus.

So moving along - finding new things to photograph can push you out of your comfort zone, but trying to photograph new things and practice new techniques will help to push you forward and improve your photography and of course a couple of things to remember - don't delete any images until you have seen them on your computer screen and use the file info to learn from any mistakes you may make.

Other things to think about are - when you are out in the sun and you can't see the image on your camera screen properly try using your histogram instead to check for correct exposure.

Make sure your batteries are well charged and that you have plenty of memory for your camera too, as well as a lens cloth in case you get any dust or water splash your lens.

Think about what you want to show the viewer and how you want to show the person viewing the image - are we capturing the motion or letting it blur to show some movement.

You can see the droplets of water in this wave as it crashes along freezing its' motion - a slower shutter speed would give you a soft white blur of water showing movement - as seen below.

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