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If you have your Summer holiday planned and your camera is included in those plans, then there are plenty of things to think about before you leave home.

The more obvious, but often most overlooked, are things like battery chargers, don't forget to pack them and also pack a travel plug for them if you are leaving the country. Mains leads - for lap tops and your phone.

Memory cards, formatted and ready to go. Charge your batteries before you leave home to and put a fresh one in your camera a long with a fresh memory card so if you need to quickly grab your camera and capture a moment you are ready for action.

When I travel, I take my lap top as it means I can upload my images whilst I am away and I also take an external hard drive too - secondary back up - ensures images are safe even if something happens to either the laptop or the external drive.

By having the laptop with me it also means I can review what I have photographed as I go along.

I know you're on holiday, but it's worth getting up early and going out with your camera - for two reasons - firstly to miss the hustle and bustle of having other tourists around - and if you are in an area with a market getting stall holders setting up in morning light can be beautiful, and the other reason that no matter where you are the morning light is stunning, whether you are in a city, beach or other location, it is worth getting up early even on one morning of you holiday if that's all you can manage.

If you are going to a location for the first time, Google it - do your homework and find out where the best spots are, what time the sun rises and sets, tide times - you don't want to get caught on the rocks trying to grab that fabulous shot when the tide is coming in at you quicker than you can get off the rocks. There are some great guide books out there too to help you, Lonely Planet and Footprint guides all keep their books very well up to date with hints and tips of where to stay and great places to go in any destination world wide.

They will also give you an idea about what weather to expect at different times of the year and if you are going to see wildlife then the best time of year to see different activities in different locations - the migration in East Africa for example or penguins hatching in Antarctica.

When you are at your chosen location, try to find new viewpoints, so if you are at a market for example - is there a rooftop cafe around that you could have easy access to that will give you an aerial view of what's happening in the market square, if you then also get close up shots of the products and some interesting shots around the market these aerial style shots can help to complete the story of the place you have visited, giving the person viewing the images a really good overall view of where you have been.

And if you are fortunate enough to be going to the Caribbean or Maldives then don't forget the polariser filter for the sky and water. Whilst you may think having such beautiful skies and sea can make it easy to get a great shot,  you need to get the composition of the image right or it will be just another blue sky with blue water.

Dusk in the MaldivesDusk in the Maldivesdusk falls in the maldives This shot above was taken in the Maldives at dusk with a slower shutter speed to get a soft motion across the water.The shot below was taken with the camera in the water so that I could get the raindrops actually hitting the top of the pool and capture the splash.

The next step of course is going underwater with your camera, but I think that's a whole new blog, enjoy your holiday wherever you go and remember the sunscreen too.

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